Connect Middle School Program

As part of our on-going efforts to see disciples and leaders raised up from and for our community 2nd Mile offers the CONNECT Middle School Program. CONNECT allows us to build on relationships we have already begun with kids in the two:fiftytwo After School Program and Summer Day Camp, as well as invite new students into our ministry.

During these decidedly formative years students are beginning to seek to figure out who God is, who they are and which path they will walk down. Will they drop out of school or stay in? Will drugs be a part of their life or not? Whose messages and beliefs will they buy into? Will they walk with God? Will they see themselves as leaders who can make a difference in their community and the world.

Connect with God, Discover who they are,
and Change the World

The goal of CONNECT is to journey with students—helping them to connect with God, discover who they are, and change the world. We do this through large and small group Bible Study, various enrichment activities (like music, art, sports, and academics), life skills and leadership training, combined with hands-on leadership and service opportunities. In the midst of this mentors are building one-on-one relationships with students with the desire to personally disciple students on their journeys.

Our CONNECT program joins with our two:fiftytwo program and our future High School ministry as we wholistically engage students on a seamless path of leadership development and seek to equip and prepare students of today to be the leaders of tomorrow!

For more information about CONNECT, contact Marc Nettleton at