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2nd Mile Ministries is founded by Glen & Karen Schrieber, Ruth Arnold, and Dave & Megan Collins. The team was soon joined by Pat & Ben Garrett and Jason & Maryann Foster. 2nd Mile team gets to know the neighborhood through:
• Coaching, Teaching, Tutoring
• Moving into neighborhood
• Attending community meetings
• Hanging out at the park
• Starting Bible study

2nd Mile begins to focus on younger kids through:
• Volunteers in schools
• 3 week Summer Day Camp
• Community outreach events


2nd Mile partners with community organizations to host the 2nd annual Challenge Circle Super Bowl.

During the school year, 2nd Mile interns build partnerships with Andrew Robinson Elementary and Northshore K-8 through 50+ volunteers hours per week.

March 2011, 2nd Mile begins the Nehemiah Project campaign to purchase and renovate a building in our community as a home for the organization and as a place for the Gospel to work through 2nd Mile in the Brentwood community.

July 2011, 2nd Mile holds its 3rd year of camp with record attendance of 100 registered campers. Held at North Pearl Baptist Church.

At beginning of the school year, 2nd Mile launches the two:fiftytwo after-school program for 2nd-4th grade.


2nd Mile Ministries celebrates 10 years in the Brentwood neighborhood.

In March, three college groups came to learn and serve in our community during their spring breaks, including one returning group.

In June the first student graduates from the two:fiftytwo after school program, after its second year of running. In July, he and other middle schoolers join the new CONNECT Middle School program.

Also in June, the 6th Annual Rummage Sale to fund Summer Programming is the highest profiting year yet!

For 5 weeks during the summer, the 5th year of Summer Day Camp takes place with 50-70 kids. A few kids from camp join two:fiftytwo and the CONNECT Middle School program.

In August, the third year of the two:fiftytwo after school program starts.

In October, the 5th Annual Fall Fall Festival is held in Brentwood Lakes Apartments and Brentwood Park with the highest attendance of all 5 years!


Organizational Development occurs as:
• People start to join staff - full-time, interns, and executive director, Andrae Robinson, is hired.
• Partnerships are solidified with local schools, churches, and other non-profits.
Youth Development continues as:
• Students are discipled
• Leadership groups are formed
• Students are graduating high school


2nd Mile partners with Andrew Robinson Elementary school to host the first ever Challenge Circle Super Bowl on February 6th.

The second year of Summer Day Camp is expanded to 5 weeks and held at North Pearl St. Baptist Church.

2nd Mile, Shiloh Metropolitan Baptist church, and other community partners host the 2nd annual Family Fall Festival.

Ruth Arnold becomes the Executive Director of 2nd Mile.

In March, three spring break teams come and volunteer in schools, clean up streets, and start renovation of the future ministry center.

In June, the after school program, two:fiftytwo, completes its first school year with 10 students.

The 4th year of Summer Day Camp is led entirely by local core volunteers. Five new students from camp became apart of the second year of two:fiftytwo after-school program.

During the 4th Annual Family Fall Festival, 2nd Mile worked with 8 new community partners, 10 churches, and 100 plus volunteers for a successful event with over 800 guests.

In 2012, four new staff members join the 2nd Mile team.


In March, two groups of college students come for a week to learn and serve in our community on the J'vill Urban Exchange trip.

Summer 2014 marks our 6th Annual Rummage Sale and 5th year of Day Camp.

The CONNECT Middle School completes its first year.

In August, the two:fiftytwo after school program starts its 4th year with a record 17 students.

Bigger things are still to be done.
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